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Every business wants to distinguish itself from the competition by offering bigger, better, higher quality, higher ROI, better service, or the personal touch that the competitors don't offer. Are you offering your customers a superior product while giving them inferior coffee during your meetings? Let what you serve to your customers reflect what you will provide to them when doing business:

Quality & Excellence.

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Every church gathering seems to have one common beverage... coffee, of course! Surprise your congregants and put "your best foot forward" for your guests by serving them premium coffee. Make your church known as the one to go to for the best service and coffee in town.

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Coffee connoisseurs (your most discerning customers) expect the freshest and best coffee. Deliver what they are asking for. Go above and beyond their expectations. We strive to deliver your order within 24 hours of roasting and within 48 hours of ordering to provide you the freshest coffee available.

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We would love to partner with your incredible business by offering equally incredible coffee to your customers. We are sure that Java Jive coffee will bring more customers into your establishment--a win-win situation for everyone! Interested in your own private label? Ask about our white label service.

Contact us today to give your customers that special touch.


Schools, churches, and organizations. You all use fundraisers to gain the needed capital for your special causes. Give the people what they want...Coffee! Match your passion with coffee of a quality that is sure to make them eager to buy more the next time! We can even label the coffee to reflect your special cause. 

Contact us today to share how our coffee can support your cause.


Serve our gourmet coffee in high school cafés, the teachers' lounge, the front office, the district office, to parents, at meetings, at sporting events, at concerts, and any school-related functions. The quality of the coffee you serve should reflect the quality of your school. Schools deserve the best coffee to keep everyone energized. Contact us and we can even help you get setup to brew and serve.

Contact us today to bring great coffee to make your staff, families and students feel valued.


What makes your hotel shine brighter than the competition? It's all about the amenities. Serve your guests the best coffee they ever had and see how they will be pleasantly surprised. Your hotel will be the first choice for return customers and their friends. Your customers expect the best. This is your chance to exceed their expectations. 

Contact us today to boost your customer satisfaction.


Great event hosts serve nothing but the best coffee and give awesome gifts to their patrons. As the event host, you can go beyond just serving the best coffee and give them "your" coffee. Try our white label service to impress your guests and send them home with the gift of a delicious pot of coffee, one of our pre-ground single pot packets to brew later.

Contact us today to maximize your event's potential.

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