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Long, Rambling Version

This is a story about great friends and great coffee. Matt and his wife Danielle started a really hip coffee shop/music store in Waupaca, WI and asked Dave and his wife Jaime to come work with him. It was a hilarious combo because Dave HATED the taste of coffee, the smell of coffee and would even shudder in its presence, but he jumped at the chance to work with his friend, Matt. Between giving music lessons, Dave would serve coffee to the guests...honing his barista skills under excellent tutelage from Matt, yet still hating coffee. Then all of the sudden Dave decided he'd better at least try to like coffee. And then it happened...he had had GOOD COFFEE for the first time in his life! He quickly grew to like it--and even could we say ironically became kind of a coffee snob?!? So this is a story of a self-proclaimed coffee hater turned coffee lover because of the quality of the coffee served! 

Time went on and the coffee shop/music store closed and both friends went their own way. Matt stayed in Waupaca, and Dave went to China with his wife and kids. In China, Dave was asked to help start a coffee shop. Unfortunately--or maybe it's fortunately, he could not find good coffee to serve to the customer, thus prompting him to experiment with roasting. Finally, the Chinese people would be able to experience great coffee. Eventually Dave came back to the United States where he and Matt reconnected. In the meantime, Dave had purchased a small roaster to roast coffee for his family as Christmas gifts, which received rave reviews. As he gave away more and more bags to family and friends, he kept getting feedback with a common theme: you should sell this; this is awesome coffee! For Matt and Dave, each of them still had dreams about working together, so they decided to combine their talents to start off on another adventure together: it's here Java Jive was born, joining Dave's roasting and tech expertise with Matt's sales and multifaceted craftsmanship skills. 

The Java Jive story is just unfolding as they've officially banded together to develop a roastery that produces exceptionally great coffee, the kind that turns even haters into lovers. The question is, will you be a part of the story as well? Every bean...every cup of coffee savored helps the story continue. Join us as we go on this adventure together! 

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