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Blessings of rain down in Africa has encouraged this wonderfully complex Kenyan coffee to grow. (Thank you, Toto!) Kenya has only a small amount of farmable land for coffee production, but that only serves to encourage the Kenyans to make the best of what they've got: Kenyan coffee boasts a very careful growing, drying and bean selection process. Each burst of coffee sweetness from the bag and every sip reveals a different treasure once hidden in an unassuming coffee bean. If you enjoy something out of the ordinary, you have to try this coffee...just slightly earthy, but sweet smooth, slightly apricotish and very much caramely and chocolatey. But just remember to hurry boy, it won't last for long because it's not only awesome hot but let it cool (even more awesome cooled slowly overnight), then add ice and it makes a chocolatey, caramely iced coffee treasure! Brew it bold if you can and push the excellencies of this pride of the safari to the limit! Available only in limited quantities now! 

Mt. Kenya - fresh roasted gourmet coffee 12oz.

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